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Annual Multi-Trip Travel & Vacation Insurance Canada

Last updated: 21st June 2023

What is annual multi-trip travel insurance?

Taking out annual multi-trip travel insurance covers you for multiple trips that you plan to take during the upcoming year. This type of policy is perfect for those who love to travel and explore the world. Whether you're planning a couple of vacations abroad or multiple trips across the border to the USA, you could save time and money by taking out a multi-trip annual policy instead of buying individual insurance policies for each trip you take.

An annual travel insurance policy will usually cost more than a single trip policy. However, for frequent travellers, this policy is usually more affordable than taking out a single trip policy for each trip you make during a 12-month period. Plus, an annual policy will give you peace of mind, knowing that you're covered for all your trips throughout the year.

Besides, when you take out an annual multi-trip policy, you don't have to worry about purchasing insurance every time you travel. This means you can focus on planning your trips and enjoying your travels without the added hassle of buying insurance each time.

Additionally, you can compare different travel, vacation, and trip insurance quotes for annual coverage in minutes. This way, you can find the best policy that suits your needs and budget. So, why not take out an annual multi-trip policy today and start exploring the world with complete peace of mind?

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How does annual multi-trip travel insurance work?

Annual travel insurance is a great choice for anyone who travels frequently. It provides coverage for multiple trips throughout the year, saving you the time and hassle of purchasing a new policy before each trip. This type of insurance is particularly valuable for those who travel for work or have a serious case of wanderlust.

When purchasing annual travel insurance, it's important to remember that you are covered for a specific amount of time per trip as outlined in the policy. This varies depending on the policy you choose, with options such as 4 days, 8 days, or even longer. You'll need to select the maximum trip duration you wish to take for your longest trip, so take some time to consider your travel plans for the year.

If you're planning on taking weeklong trips to a tropical paradise or exploring new cities over a long weekend, we'll help you compare and choose the best options for your needs. And once you purchase your policy, you'll be covered for an entire year from the moment you sign up. When your coverage comes to an end, you can renew your policy or explore other options to ensure you're protected for all your future travels.

What destinations will my annual policy cover?

When selecting annual multi-trip insurance, you'll be requested to provide details of your intended destinations. You don't need to have every trip planned out in advance, but it's important to choose the most suitable area of cover.

For instance, if you're travelling to Mexico, you should consider other places you might visit later in the year. Will you be heading to the USA, Caribbean or Central America? It's important to select the right area of cover to ensure that your insurance policy is valid for all the destinations on your wishlist.

When comparing annual quotes, you'll be able to select from the following options:

  1. Canada - Coverage for the provinces and territories of Canada outside that of your own residence.
  2. Worldwide Excluding USA - Anywhere in the world excluding the United States of America, its territories, and possessions.
  3. Worldwide Including USA - Coverage for anywhere in the world.

As with any travel insurance, you must always check if the Government of Canada has issued a Travel Advisory for your destination and for travel in general. Your insurer may have limitations on the policy based on the Government's travel advice.

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What does annual multi-trip travel insurance cover?

With an annual plan, you can still get the coverage that is most important to protect you and your trip.

Coverage varies by insurance provider, but there are two main types of annual multi-trip plans you can compare.

  1. Emergency medical insurance
    This type of coverage only provides benefits for emergency medical costs during your trip. Remember, these costs in other countries may be extremely high and are not covered by your Government Health Insurance Plan. Many clinics and hospitals around the world may also require proof of insurance coverage to provide care.

  2. All-inclusive vacation insurance
    As part of an all-inclusive package, the travel insurance policy typically provides coverage for both medical emergencies as well as logistical challenges related to your travels, such as lost baggage, trip cancellations, and interruptions of travel. The last thing you want is to lose money in addition to the disappointment of missing out on an awesome vacation. Taking a vacation is a big investment that you must take care of.

Compare deals for annual travel insurance

When it comes to purchasing travel insurance, it's important to weigh your options carefully. One key factor to consider is how often you travel. If you're a frequent flyer, then an annual policy may be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you only take one or two trips a year, a single trip policy will likely suit your needs.

No matter which option you choose, it's crucial to ensure that you have the right level of coverage so that you're protected in the event of an emergency. Comparing annual travel insurance quotes online is a quick and easy way to determine which policy is the best fit for you. By clicking the button below, you can get started and be on your way to a worry-free trip.

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An all-inclusive coverage bundle provides additional coverage on top of emergency medical expenses with benefits such as baggage loss/delay and trip cancellation/interruption.

As COVID-19 is a known event, this may not be a covered reason for cancelling your trip. It is important to check the policy details to understand what is and isn’t covered.

This depends on how long on average you expect to be away. If you frequently do cross-border travel for short stays, you may not need more than a 4-day annual plan, but perhaps if you take a few vacations per year that don’t exceed two weeks, then you might look at a 15-day annual plan or greater.

While a single trip policy will cover you for a specific duration and trip, annual multi-trip travel insurance covers you for multiple trips that you plan to take during the upcoming year. With an annual multi-trip plan you can choose the maximum duration at a time that you may expect coverage for, e.g. 4 days, 8 days, 15 days, 30 days.

We can help you compare travel insurance coverage if you're a Canadian resident & covered by a Government Health Insurance Plan in your province or territory of residence for the entire duration of your trip.

You are not travelling against the advice of a physician, been diagnosed with a terminal illness, metastatic cancer, require kidney dialysis or travelling to get medical treatment or advice abroad.

You have not been prescribed or used home oxygen in the last twelve months, undergoing investigative treatment for shortness of breath or chest pain.

You have never had a bone marrow, stem cell or organ transplant and do not require assistance with activities of daily living as a result of a medical condition or state of health.


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