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National Wildlife Week

  • 4th April 2023
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Welcome to National Wildlife Week! As part of this special occasion, it is important to recognize the contributions of Jack Miner and his work in wildlife preservation.

Jack Miner is a Canadian conservationist who established the first-ever sanctuary for migratory birds near Kingsville, Ontario on May 24th, 1904. His actions forever changed the lives of so many animals and their habitats, making him an integral figure for anyone who cares about Canada's wildlife and its future.

Join us as we take some time to appreciate his accomplishments during National Wildlife Week.

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Introducing National Wildlife Week in Canada

Jack Miner’s Role

Each year, Canadians across the country look forward to National Wildlife Week, which falls on the second full week of April (this year starting 10th April 2023). This special week is all about celebrating the amazing diversity of Canadian wildlife and learning more about our responsibility for their safety and protection.

National Wildlife Week was founded after Canadian conservationist Jack Miner who was a pioneer in this field, established the very first migratory bird sanctuary in North America back in 1904. Throughout his life, he worked hard to protect both Canada’s wetlands and its birds. He helped generations of Canadians realize the potential of these areas, creating an ethic that still holds today – the importance of leaving a place better than you found it.

Even 100 years later, Canadians will always remember how Jack Miner dedicated himself to protecting and preserving Canada’s wild lands, making National Wildlife Week and its celebrated "Wildlife Day" even more meaningful as we continue his legacy through education and awareness raising.

An Overview of the Canadian Wildlife

Canada is a natural wonder filled with a vast network of ecosystems throughout the country. The range of habitats are home to over two hundred species of mammals, more than 800 species of birds, thousands of fish species and countless invertebrate creatures.

From coast to coast - from the black bear in British Columbia to the caribou in Quebec - Canada offers a remarkable array of habitats and animal varieties that are sure to make any nature enthusiast smile. So if you're ever in need of a dose of "nature therapy", look no further than your backyard - Canada!

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Top places to visit to see Canadian Wildlife

If you're looking for some of the best places to explore and see Canadian wildlife, look no further than:

  • Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario,
  • Mont Saint-Bruno National Park in Quebec,
  • Floe Lake in British Columbia, and;
  • Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick.

Located across the country, these majestic national parks are home to some of the most beautiful wildlife that Canada has to offer. From Canadian lynx and wolves to moose, deer, and birds of prey, you can spot many different species while taking a hike through these incredible scenic locations.

And make sure you bring your camera too, to that you can capture memories of your amazing wildlife encounters!

The importance of preserving and protecting Canadian wildlife

Wild animals play a vital role in Canada's ecology, preserving and protecting them is essential to its future. From majestic polar bears patrolling the arctic tundra, to majestic bison herds traversing the rugged plains of Alberta, Canada lives and breathes with these magnificent creatures - and we need to ensure that their habitats remain safe and their populations strong.

As climate change intensifies, so many species are beginning to falter-- with some even facing extinction. It falls upon us all to take action, participating in conservation efforts by learning more about local wildlife and supporting initiatives already established.

Taking part in habitat restoration efforts, reducing pollution levels, and supporting organizations dedicated to wildlife restoration - are meaningful steps that can help protect Canadian wildlife for generations yet to come.


Celebrating National Wildlife Week is an important reminder of our responsibility as humans to protect Canadian wildlife. As stewards of the environment, we must do our best to preserve it and make sure future generations can enjoy its beauty.

We hope that this exploration of Canadian wildlife has inspired you to make plans for experiencing Mother Nature in all her beauty and grandeur soon.

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