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Our Top 2023 Spooky Destinations to Visit this Halloween

  • 25th October 2023
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The Halloween season offers the perfect opportunity to explore some of the most creepy and supernatural destinations on the planet. What could be a more perfect way to embrace the season of chills and thrills than embarking on a journey to discover some of the planet's most haunted destinations?

It does not matter if you are an adrenaline-chasing adventure-seeker or a history aficionado with a taste for the uncanny. We have scoured the globe and narrowed down a selection of our top picks in Canada and beyond, each offering an array of hair-raising activities.

From ghostly tours that lead you through the darkest chapters of history to eerie hikes into the heart of the unknown, our top destinations are primed to send shivers down your spine and goosebumps from head to toe!

A view of Quebec City

Quebec City

If you are looking for a dose of history with your Halloween thrills, Quebec City may be just the place for you. Its cobblestone streets and stone buildings give it an old-world feel, and there is plenty of spooky lore to be discovered.

Take a ghost walk around the city and hear tales of prisoners, conspiracies, and haunted inns. Visit the Plains of Abraham, where one of Canada's bloodiest battles took place, and where many say you can hear the wailings of fallen soldiers.

If you're feeling brave, visit the Morrin Centre, a former prison that now serves as a museum, although it has never quite shed its chilling past and is widely renowned as one of the most haunted places in the city, and stepping across its threshold is akin to entering a realm where time's veil is thin, and the echoes of the past linger in every corner.

The lights of Bourbon Street, New Orleans USA

New Orleans, USA

New Orleans, the vibrant and eclectic city nestled along the Mississippi River, boasts a unique reputation for being a true melting pot of culture and history. While it is celebrated for its lively jazz music, delectable cuisine, and spirited libations, it also possesses another, more eerie distinction – the title of being the most haunted city in America.

LaLaurie Mansion is one of the spookiest places to explore, with its dark history of a ruthless socialite, Delphine LaLaurie. The mansion's once elegant façade conceals the paranormal encounters held within, making it a must-visit for those who dare to delve into New Orleans' haunted past.

Along with ghost tours, Bourbon Street comes alive with an intoxicating blend of revelry and mystery. The vibrant heart of New Orleans transforms into a mecca of Halloween celebrations, with costumed revellers filling the streets, music filling the air, and a carnival-like atmosphere taking hold.

The quaint Prince Hotel in Niagara-On-The-Lake


Nestled in the heart of Southern Ontario, Niagara-on-the-Lake is a charming, picturesque town, plucked from the pages of a storybook. However, beneath the town's serene facade lies a darker history that awakens in all its eerie glory when Halloween approaches.

One of the most haunting ways to immerse yourself in Niagara-on-the-Lake's mysterious past is by visiting the MacFarland House. During the War of 1812, this historical site served as a makeshift hospital, where many visitors have reported mysterious whispers and unexplainable footsteps… The McFarland House beckons you with open doors.

For those seeking an even more interactive encounter with the supernatural, Niagara-on-the-Lake offers the spine-tingling Haunted Hayride. Venture into the dark woods under the moonlight, as eerie characters and spooky tales accompany your journey and the line between fact and fiction blurs into a ghostly, immersive experience that will leave you with a sense of wonder and unease.

A view of Cork in Ireland

Cork, Ireland

As Ireland's second-largest city, Cork perfectly encapsulates the soul of Ireland, offering a delightful blend of history, culture, and a vibrant hub of life. Yet shadowy secrets and ghostly legends make it a destination unlike any other.

One of the most chilling and infamous spots in Cork is Spike Island, the enigmatic and foreboding prison that is renowned as the most haunted site in the entire country. To reach this eerie destination, visitors embark on a ferry ride that is like stepping into another world.

Spike Island's dark past comes to life as you explore the crumbling ruins of the prison. This was a place where the condemned faced their final moments, with the execution of inmates etching a terrifying mark on its history It's an experience that will leave you awed and humbled, not just by the island's tangible history, but by the ghostly echoes that continue to reverberate through its hallowed grounds.

Majors Hill in Ottawa Canada


Ottawa, the dignified capital of Canada, boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture, yet beneath its polished exterior lies a city that teems with eerie tales and ghostly encounters. It is a place where the past, with all its secrets and shadows, intersects with the present to create a spine-tingling narrative that is difficult to resist.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Ottawa is the Fairmont Château Laurier. A stay at this magnificent establishment could present an encounter with the supernatural. A former guest who never truly checked out – is now a restless spirit that lingers within the Château's corridors.

For an interactive and unforgettable experience, the Haunted Walk of Ottawa is for you! This guided tour through the city's most haunted locales introduces you to a world of phantoms, complete with skilled actors, special effects, and spine-chilling stories that come to life as you explore the eerie landscapes.

The haunted Witch House in Salem, USA

Salem, USA

When the crisp autumn leaves rustle with secrets of the past, one destination calls out to the seekers of all things eerie and mysterious – Salem, Massachusetts. This enigmatic town, lovingly dubbed the "Witch City," beckons with tales of the occult and macabre, drawing in those who seek to unravel its enigmatic and chilling past.

Salem’s reputation harks back to a time of hysteria and paranoia - the infamous Salem Witch Trials of the 1600s. Delve deeper into Salem's shadowy history and explore the Salem Witch Museum, then visit the former residence of Judge Jonathan Corwin, known as The Witch House.

During the Halloween season, haunted houses materialize across the city, offering spine-tingling experiences that defy explanation and challenge the boundaries between the living and the spectral. Ghost tours lead you on moonlit strolls through the town's haunted hotspots, regaling you with ghostly tales and the unexplained occurrences that continue to haunt the present.

Embracing the spirit of Halloween through travel has never been more enticing. As you journey to some of Canada's and the world's eeriest destinations, you will uncover a tapestry of history and the inexplicable, with surprises lurking around every corner. From historical landmarks seeping with ghostly tales to the ethereal beauty of nature itself, these destinations offer an unforgettable blend of spine-tingling adventures.

Whether you are a resolute believer in the paranormal or simply yearning for a unique and captivating travel experience, these places are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and thrill-seeking delight through your veins.

So, don your adventurer's cap, ready your camera, and prepare for a Halloween escapade that promises unforgettable memories at every turn!

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